volunteer in cattery

Cats are unique animals. They never belong to anybody. If we need to get along with them, we need to respect their rules too.

When I was young, I don’t think I have much connection with animals. I was afraid of even dogs and cats. My attitude to animals changed during the period when I worked in a farm in Sweden (that’s another long story…)

Why people afraid of animal? (maybe I should say… Why do I afraid of them??)

Afraid of being bite or being scratch? On the contrary, how they see us?

They are far shorter then human, always need to look up in order to see us. Every single movement of a human can threaten them. Who should be more scared? Food for thought!!!!

Now I’m participating in a volunteer project in Dublin, where I can choose any kind of volunteer works. I decided to contribute myself in the cattery of a dogs aid centre because of my interest and the distance from home.

It was my first time ever to commit in a long term voluntary service. It’s not a very great job, but every little help means something. Together with other volunteers, we provide a better living environment to cats in the centre, and even the feral cats who are suffering outside.

Basically I feel like I’m one of the housekeeper of the centre. Every time when I go there, other volunteers and I clean all the cages and the floor, feed them fresh food and water. Some cats who are new or sick, are kept in separate cages, while some cats can walk around freely indoor and outdoor (with fences). Besides, some cats, who are old or aggressive, are kept in a separate room, which is linked to another separate outdoor area for fresh air. With all the generous support, all cats have a very good (tidy, clean and big) house to live in!

I have never ever own a cat in my life. Honestly, I don’t really know how to get along nicely with cats.

The first time I went there, other volunteers let me clean friendly cats’ cages. They are so nice to me! While the second time, I’m the earliest person arrived there. After cleaning all the friendly cats’ cages, it came to shy and aggressive cats’ cages. Well, they’re not that bad, I told myself. Maybe I can try!! (Other people were not here, if I was not doing it, who did it?) They were so afraid of me, so I tried to chat with them gently in a peaceful voice, and most importantly, gave them food. While they were enjoying their fresh food, I was able to do my work. Later, a guy came in and suggested a better way to deal with the new feral cats. He said, if I was unlucky, and made them felt insecure, my scratch marks won’t be that little. (I shown him before about the little scratch marks from a friendly and curious cat who was begging for fresh food.)

I learnt some tricks dealing with different cats. It’s interesting!

Cats are unique animals. They never belong to anybody. If we need to get along with them, we need to respect their rules too.

More sharing to be continued 🙂



作者: 筠妍

生於香港,長於香港。婚後,辭去教書工作,隨夫赴歐洲,展開旅居生活。以一個新身份,到一個新地方,一切從新開始。 生活精彩與否,取決於自己心態。約束自己的,永遠不是環境因素,而是自己的舒適圈。



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